Feed Baby Birds in Dino Bird

Posted by Jordan Minor on January 18th, 2012

Yes, it's another game about birds on the App Store. Try to stay calm everyone. However, there's no anger, block towers, or green pigs to be found in Dino Bird. Instead, it's the story of a mother risking everything to save her children.

Dino Bird is the debut app of Wayman Harris. In it, players take control of a prehistoric mother bird attempting to feed her chicks. Tapping on mama releases a delicious worm for them to eat. Players must do this while also seeking out and destroying the ugly birds. These ugly birds, with different abilities like rock and fire powers, are out to harm the chicks. Luckily, with a simple tap, mama can send their attacks right back at them.

Dino Bird is available now for free on the App Store so there's no excuse to not at least give it a look. It won't even use up that nest egg.

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