Favorite 4: US Elections 2012 Apps

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 1st, 2012

In less than a week, the USA goes to the polls for the 57th time with the two main contenders for President being Democratic candidate and current President, Barack Obama, and Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. While there's no telling what might come about on Tuesday November 6, there are some great apps out there to help voters remain informed as to any latest developments and see just how each candidate feels about certain subjects. We round up the four best ones currently out there.

PollTracker keeps users informed in real time while offering a stats heavy interface of new polls and figures that have come out about the election race. Tracking everything from voter subgroups to swing state opinions, PollTracker is a statistician's idea of heaven. There's analysis, too, courtesy of the app's editors, plus the ability to see how contests for Congress are going.

Politifact Mobile
Ever lose track of where a candidate stands on a certain issue? There's a lot to take in, after all, especially when considering how many different campaign promises are made by the candidates. Politifact Mobile promises to offer no agenda and merely a look at exactly what items have been promised by which candidate. A report card style interface tracks the Truth-O-Meter record of each politician to ensure that if anyone backtracks on an issue, it's noticed. It makes for fascinating reading.

2012 Map: The Presidential Election App
Tracking how each state is voting is extremely important to determining who is set to be the overall winner in the Presidential elections. 2012 Map: The Presidential Election App embraces that concept by providing a "Live" map that provides daily updates on the best estimates of what will happen come election day. Offering historical data from 1789 to 2009, it's possible to see just how each state has voted in the past to get a sense of what's expected this time round. It's also possible to create personalized scenarios to see exactly how one swing state could change everything, causing some great conjecture.

NBC Politics
Many of the major media outlets and networks have released their own official app devoted to the election but NBC Politics provides the best all rounder. Its app is entirely free with no subscription required, and it offers the latest news and videos about how the election is proceeding. For those short on time, its daily "Tip Sheet" is a particular highlight offering a round-up of the day's most interesting moments and headlines.