Create A Photo Story Of Your Life With WeHeartPics

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 31st, 2012

Instagram has done wonders for the photo sharing app world. That doesn't mean there isn't time to try out a new photo sharing app, one with some very useful features when it comes to contextualizing the content.

That app is WeHeartPics. The free to use app holds the lofty ambition of helping its users to make sense of their life's fragmented moments by organizing them into forms of stories. Put a selection of photos together and it tells so much more than just one detached image.

The app offers a few different ideas for what kind of photo stories to create such as everything about the user, their family & friends, their home, place of work, hometown and regular places they visit.

Like other photo sharing apps, it's easy to add friends or strangers in order to check out what's going on around the world. Users can also share their WeHeartPics content on Pinterest or their Facebook timeline, thus consolidating their life.

It's all quite a charming idea amongst a wave of photo sharing apps that don't seem very personal. WeHeartPics is out now so why not give it a shot?