Five for Friday: Week of May 06, 2011

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 6th, 2011

Puppetshow: Mystery of Joyville:
Puppetshow is a game which takes gamers through a strange and bizarre world in which they must find hidden clues to discover the dark secrets that lie in the town of Joyville. Search hidden objects for clues, play through eighteen mini-games, and enjoy the creepy setting this game has to offer. Joyville may just end up not being so joyous.

Spelunk is a quirky action game in which players must work through missions and defeat comical monsters that have poured through the Monster Gate. To aid in this battle, there are over 50 items to find, and use, to destroy the 20+ kinds of monsters that invest the underground caverns. So many monsters, so little time to save the world…yet again!

Dragon Chaser:
Dragon Chaser is a side-scrolling action game in which players must defend their town from impending death by dragon. The game features three different modes of play, a character upgrade system, and more than 50 different monsters and dragons to battle. It is time to take up arms and defend the last village from certain death.

On the way to Woodstock:
Music aficionados who wish they could relieve the days of Woodstock may need a time machine to experience the event in person. However, On the way to Woodstock provides a bounty of narrative, photos, videos, and music from the 1969 event. In fact, there is a whopping 45 hours of video to watch alone. Skip building the DeLorean, this app is far cheaper!

Custom Keypad:
Custom Keypad brings the beauty of touchscreen devices right to the computer. How does this app make this possible? It connects to the network from the iOS device of choice, then users can create a keypad that will fit their needs, be it for gaming, work, or just fooling around. Once the keypad is setup, the app connects to the computer via a VNC connection and the iOS device can then be utilized to enhance the overall experience. Do mice now have to fear the iPhone?