Social Crossword Fun With Crossword Buddies

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 31st, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Who doesn't love a crossword? The challenge of solving clues and fitting them into a board is always satisfying, and forms many a person's Saturday morning entertainment with the newspaper.

Crossword Buddies has proven to be quite a popular hit on Facebook with a multiplayer variety and now that successful format has made its way to the iPhone and iPad.

Free to download, players can compete against Facebook friends or random opponents in their bid to decipher clues and guess the right words within the 60 seconds time limit. For each correct guess, credits are earned which can be used to buy power-ups to get the competitive edge. There's always the option to spend real money on in-app purchases that also provide these.

Thanks to the experience being fully integrated, players can choose to switch over to Facebook any time they want and continue their iOS-based game from where they left it.

It sounds like a great social gaming experience to us. Crossword Buddies is out now and is free to download.