Five for Friday: Week of January 28, 2011

Posted by Chris Nitz on January 28th, 2011

GangofDodge –
Time to dodge a few bullets and hope you can stay alive. You will have to be fast though, as this is some frantic tilt-based action. There are three modes to play, with one taking a page right from Fat Princess. That’s right, you dodge bullets and eat cake, all while turning into a blimpified princess. This maybe worth playing just to see how well fat royalty can last against a barrage of bullets.

Warrior Nation-Gunner –
Got a need to wield two guns and lay down some heavy fire on the enemy? This side-scrolling action game will challenge you to stay alive while battling an abundance of enemies. Once you beat a stage, you will be able to upgrade your skills. Thus, your character becomes that much more of a Barney Badass. Some days you just need to get your John Wayne on!

CrazyControl 2 –
Time to take those side-scrolling skills to a new level. You will not just control one character here. No, this game will have you controlling multiple characters at once. With 60 levels to play, there are plenty of opportunities to hone you skills. Once you feel competent, take on the Endless battle. Round out this game with an upgrade system and Game Center support, and you have a time sink begging for your time.

Cloud Connect Pro –
Your iPad just become a gateway to your computer. This app does more than just connect you to your home machines and allow you to remotely control a computer hundreds of miles away. Cloud Connect Pro turns you iPad into a network drive, access corporate VPN solutions, and even jump onto Linux computers. This is all handled securely thanks to SSH and in app password protection.

OffMaps 2
Google Maps maybe great for getting directions, but there is one issue with it. What happens when you do not have a connection to the internet? This is where OffMaps 2 shines. You no longer need an internet connection to browse maps and figure out where the closest bagel shop is. Thousands of international locations are ready for your use. Heck, there is even offline Wikipedia knowledge for those that like to know about all the famous landmarks. Don’t be lost again.