FrEEday Vol 59

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 23rd, 2011

e3D: Vault:
Players will have a measly five minutes to steal some precious gems and escape the sealed vault in this puzzle game. Players will need to find several objects and combine them, MacGyver style, to aid in their quest. Even if escape is attainable, players will not be able to leave until they have collected every item necessary for the task at hand. Players can even post their best times on GameCenter and see if their friends can beat them. Being a thief is so much work, yet so mind-bendingly fun!

Samurai Pig:
Pigs are once again on the war path, and this time they are tasked with saving their fellow brethren from the big bad wolves. It is put to the player to solve various puzzles in the physics-based game. Flying pigs, samurai outfits, and whimsical settings will give anyone a smile while they try to solve the challenging puzzles ahead. If only there was a bacon code!

Control and Conquest:
This game takes location-based game play and blends in a bit of role-playing. Sure, players can sit on the couch and level up, but the best loot and experiences are unlocked by roaming the town. Who knows, the battle maybe with the next-door neighbor and their minion they acquired at the local deli. It is a rough world out there, and it can only be tamed with fireballs and battle axes.

Hero's Way:
Side scrolling arcade-role playing has never looked so good, or been so packed with features, and all for free. This game will send players through 60 levels of monsters, ghosts, and ghouls, all while allowing them to upgrade hero stats, battle bosses, and enhancing items and weapons with magical gems. A random level generator will keep stages fresh and intriguing for future replays. This is one easy game to get into, yet it will consume hours of time, all in the name of entertainment.

Cities of the Dead:
Time to hit the streets once more for another location based game, only this time it will be to fight zombies. This game will put players in a fight for their lives as they cut down the zombie horde while searching for other survivors right in their home town. Encounters and events will change depending on real world venues, customization skills, perks, and special character appearances will drive players deep into the heart of town. Remember gamers, zombies always end up at the hospital, so it is best to go there well-prepared for a deadly battle. Just a tip.