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Chillingo is Having One Heck of a Busy (and Awesome) Week

Posted by Rob Rich on September 23rd, 2011

It's always nice when a developer releases a Lite version of their game so that the unsure can drop the "un," or when an app goes on sale. It's also pretty cool when a fairly well-established game gets a significant content update. It jumps beyond merely "nice" or "cool" and into pure "awesome" territory when a developer does all of those things at the same time.

In this particular case, I'm talking about Chillingo. This week, they've seen fit to bombard the App Store with all manner of sweetness, starting with a major content update to Feed Me Oil. The new and improved 1.2 version includes a new gravity-flipping mechanic and 15 levels to make use of it in. I seem to recall being rather fond of the game's initial release, and that was well before any of this Newtonian debauchery was added. Now? It's practically like getting a second game for the price of nothing. Or getting two games for a dollar if the user in question hasn't actually bought the game yet.

Next, we have 3 all-new Lite versions for the color-centric steampunk shooter Color Bandits, the surreal arcade puzzler Ranger Rocket and the family-friendly physics puzzle game Hungry Chicks. There's pretty much something for everyone in that lineup, provided they don't have some kind of psychological need to spend money. Well, except maybe RPG and platformer fans, but the latter will almost certainly enjoy seeing that the newly released NyxQuest is on sale.

Indeed, for an indeterminate amount of time the gorgeous (and apparently quite good) indie platformer NyxQuest will be on sale for a mere dollar. People such as myself who missed out on the initial launch sale have a second chance to fix their mistake and grab this gem on the cheap. Now, at the time of this writing it's still showing the price as $3.99 for some reason, but I've double-checked the App Store and it's most definitely $0.99. "For a Limited Time," of course.

Color Bandits HD Review

iPad App - Designed for iPad
By Lisa Caplan on July 11th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: AWESOME VISUALS
Steampunk meets dual-stick shooter in this eye-catching new title from Chillingo.
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New Chillingo Releases: Color Bandits And Piñata Smash

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 5th, 2011

iOS behemoth Chillingo is at it again, announcing the release of two more potentially very addictive games.

First up is Color Bandits, a title that offers colorful shooting throughout. Players must help restore the color of their home world after an evil steam punk boss has stolen the splendour of the area. Offering frantic side scrolling shooting action, Color Bandits is set to offer a great arcade style experience. It's out now priced at $0.99 for the iPhone/iPod Touch version with the HD version for the iPad weighing in at $1.99.

Second up is Piñata Smash, a game aimed more at the younger market with players needing to smash as many piñatas as possible as they appear on screen. Powerups and an upgrade system adds some variety. While 3 worlds with 12 levels in each provide plenty of enjoyment with this Universal game costing only $0.99. It looks set to be a great simple but addictive experience and it's out now.

Chillingo Announces a New Slate of Upcoming Titles

Posted by Carter Dotson on March 9th, 2011

Chillingo is certainly a prolific publisher on the App Store, having published literally hundreds of apps on the App Store. This pattern of activity isn't going to change in the next year, as Chillingo has announced a bunch of titles that they showed off this past week at GDC.

Painkiller Purgatory is an iOS version of the Painkiller franchise that graced PCs and the Xbox earlier in the millennium. Just like its console and PC bretheren, it's a first person shooter, and should promise to be as action-packed as the previous entries in the series. Next up is Anomaly: Warzone Earth from 11 bit studios. This action/strategy game, described as a "reverse tower defense game" has you trying to penetrate the defenses of invading alien hordes. The game is coming not just to the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, but will be releasing on PC and Mac as well, with a trailer available for those versions of the game:

Also coming up from the ranks of PC/Mac games to iOS is Emberwind, developed by TimeTrap, where you control a gnome named Kindle Elderwood, who has to save Grendale from CandleFinger and his gremlin hordes. That city name is one 'e' from being a future episode of Community. Quiz Climber from Relentless Software is a quiz game that has you competing against friends in online leaderboards, trying to answer more consecutive questions than they can. Storm in a Teacup from Cobra Mobile, developers of the iBomber series, is a platformer that features a vivid storybook art style, as seen from the game's concept art blog.

Feed Me Oil from Holy Water Games is a physics based game that has you trying to get oil from a pipe to a predetermined spot. Color Bandits from Kiai Games is an action game that plays with color, as you try to restore color to the universe. Blobster from Divine Robot is a platformer that puts you in control of a blob that you control by flicking around. Finally, Carnage from Super Fly Studios is a 3D car driving game that has you trying to cause havoc, and dare we say carnage, on the highways by causing massive pileups. While no specific release dates are available yet, the games are promised to be releasing on the App Store in the coming weeks. Until then, check out a sampling of screens from all the upcoming games below.