Personalized Currency With Coin Booth

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 22nd, 2011

Ever wanted to put a face on a coin? Yeah, me neither. It turns out it does look quite cool, though - certainly if new app Coin Booth has anything to do with it.

The app allows users to select a photo from their photo album or take a photo directly, then stick it on top of a coin. Extra options come in the form of being able to pick the coin template from the US dime, the Euro, US dollar and the UK pound with some of these involving in-app purchases or the Coin Booth Deluxe version. Each template offers its own coining and engraving settings to create just the right effect. Plus there's the ability to add any ASCII characters to the coin too.

Once the coin has been created, users can then share it through the regular means of Facebook, Twitter and Email, plus they can flip the coin and play heads or tails.

Two varieties of Coin Booth exist with a free version offering minimal choices and Coin Booth Deluxe enabling users to manipulate all the previously mentioned coin templates. The Deluxe version costs $1.99. Both are available now.