Weather vs. Zombie Weatherman

Posted by Chris Hall on September 2nd, 2009
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Apple apps are typically pretty solid, if not close to perfect at what they do. They are simple creatures really, performing the task at hand with authority. Take 'Weather' for example. Sure, it doesn't tell you the 10 day weather forecast or the barometric pressure, but it does tell you how hot it is, how hot it's going to be, and whether or not it's going to rain. Simple. Pretty. Every once in a while though, something better comes out. Not something that has more features, because that wouldn't be a difficult task, but something that takes the simplicity of Apple, and makes it better.

Today folks, I received an e-mail from Gary Gattis, who I've learned does the business stuff for Clockrocket Games, informing me of an app that is being billed as "the ideal luxury weather application for your new iPhone 3GS". It provides you with the same options as the bland "Weather" app, but this one happens to have a weather man... and the weather man just happens to be a zombie. You can do everything you can with the "Weather" app, but you also get the option to 'punch' the zombie for giving you bad reports... something that Apple definitely can't contend with. If you are still weary of such app perfection, check out the promo video, it's quite amazing.

The only thing that Apple has on this app is the loading time. Zombie Weatherman is admittedly not the fastest loading app in the world, so if patience is not your strong suit, this one may not work for you. My last count on the loading time, from clicking on the icon to seeing the weather was 12 seconds on Zombie Weatherman vs. 3 seconds on the traditional 'Weather' app. For me though, the end justifies the wait, and I'll be checking my weather zombie quite frequently.