Mob Up Against Giant New Enemies in Infinity Blade 2's ClashMobs Update

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 13th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Infinity Blade 2's first major content update has finally dropped on the App Store, bringing its new ClashMob feature to the game. The ClashMob challenges are asynchronous multiplayer events where everyone who participates contributes toward some collective goal. The early challenges include dealing as much damage to an enemy in 30 seconds as possible, or collecting a bunch of teleporting gold bags in a short amount of time. If the collective score of everyone in the challenge reaches a certain number, then everyone is given a lucrative award. There are multiple challenges added each day, and it's possible to pre-register to get in to these upcoming challenges. Note that each challenge can only be played by players once.

Players are also encouraged to collect Game Center and Facebook friends who also have the game. Players get extra perks for having large numbers of friends in their mob, including additional rewards for successful challenges, and even the ability to repeat challenges a second time. Need more mob members? My Game Center username is wondroushippo, and I'll add people who comment with their Game Center username below. Let's mob up and get some sweet, sweet loot!