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Jump Streamlines Charging for Mobile and Home

Posted by Blake Grundman on July 1st, 2014

There is nothing more irritating than when your phone runs out of juice. It is even worse when this happens while on the road. But what if there were a way to constantly have juice on-hand, without needing a handful of different charging devices? The over 6,000 people who Kickstarted the new product, Jump, have felt your pain and have the perfect solution.

Available for a mere $49.99 from BiteMyApple.co, the Jump is a hybrid battery pack/charger for iPhone 5/5S/5C that can either provide a pass-through charge from an electrical source or 3 hours of talk time from the on-board 800 mAh battery. This intelligent charger even waits until the iDevice's battery is full before charging the booster.

Best of all, the product still performs perfectly as a sync cable as well. Move quick, because with impressive features like these, the Jump isn't going to stay in stock for long.

CES 2014 - Thinium Unveils Two New Slim and Portable Wall-Mounted Mobile Device Chargers

Posted by Rob Rich on January 7th, 2014

Lugging cables around can often be a bother, as can using said cables to act as a stationary charger for your iPhone. That's why Thinium has been working on a pair of portable chargers called the Thinium Charge and the Thinium ReCharge.

The Thinium Charge is only slightly larger than a credit card and is designed to fit easily into a pocket or even a wallet. Once your phone needs charging you just have to take it out, unfold it, and viola; one wall-mounted iPhone charging station. There's also a USB cable tucked away inside of it that will allow you to charge your device from a computer or any other USB-compatible energy source.

The Thinium ReCharge is essentially the same thing as the Charge with two significant differences. First, it allows you to charge to devices simultaneously. Second, it can also function as a battery backup in the event that you can't find any places to plug in.

The Thinium Charge will be out sometime within the first quarter of 2014 for between $39.99 and $49.99 (depends on the model), and the Thinium ReCharge will follow afterwards and pricing has yet to be announced.

GPS for an iPod Touch, Coming in February

Posted by Tony Kicks on February 1st, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Dual Electronics has updated their site promising that the XGPS300 Navigation Cradle for the iPod Touch, originally expected in November '09, will be shipping later this February. The cradle offers GPS support for all models of the iPod Touch and comes bundled with a Windshield Mount kit and the NavAtlas App all for the price of $179.99. While some critics have taken aim at the price point claiming it to be too steep for a consumer who might as well buy a dedicated standalone GPS unit, there are some features of this that might make the expense a little easier to swallow.

Adding significant value to the deal is the battery pack portion of the cradle which can be switched on and off as necessary. Whether it be to keep the GPS from draining all of the touch's power or simply as a power boost to keep the it kicking, the XGPS300 is capable of doubling its battery life. Battery pack cases alone usually cost between $60-$100, not to mention that this also means you're not tethered to your car. Unlike many other standalone GPS units, which get all of their power from the cigarette lighter, this one can be taken hiking, biking, swimming...well maybe not swimming, but you get the idea.

WildCharger...Pesky Cables Be Gone!

Posted by Tony Kicks on September 10th, 2009

"Lazy Bones"...I'm sure all of our mothers have called us that at one point or another but did you know that this was the name of the first ever TV remote control? Seriously, it was designed by Zenith and released to the world in the early 1950's as the wave of the future. By today's standards you probably wouldn't even recognize it as a remote, with only a few buttons and a long pesky cable that stretched across the room it was less than practical. This was eventually remedied though with the advent of the alkaline battery which made it's way into all sorts of gadgets like remotes, electric razors, etc. However this led us to a new problem, batteries die and then need to be replaced. Enter the rechargeable battery! But wait now we're right back to having cables to charge everything, we just can't seem to get rid of these darn things...until now. Meet WildCharge an innovative company from Boulder, CO that brings us a step closer to eliminating all of those wires.

This is a company that's been around for a little while with their WildCharger Pad but just recently came out with a skin for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is easily used by taking any device that is in a WildCharge Skin or has an adapter attached to it and placing it on the charging pad and almost magically the device will begin its normal charging cycle. The first time I did it I literally giggled, extremely cool stuff here, very Jetsons like.