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Best apps for watching live TV

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 23rd, 2016

The Olympics have come and gone, leaving nearly everyone in a temporary state of "What the heck am I going to watch on TV right now?" Besides old reruns of Golden Girls, but that goes without saying.

I say temporary because we're not too far away from the start of the new fall TV season, and even though the networks' decades old paradigm is becoming increasingly obsolete, there's no question that the seasonal concept still carries a lot of weight because of all the new and returning shows that will flood at us in fairly short order.

To prepare for the deluge, you're going to want to be able to watch as many ways as possible. That means apps, and while this isn't a true guide to cord-cutting -- because taking in live TV still requires a cable subscription sometimes -- it can at least help untether yourself from your living room this fall.

New CBS App Allows Fans To Watch Full Episodes Of Their Favorite Shows

Posted by Andrew Stevens on March 14th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Fans can now watch their favorite CBS shows on their iPad and iPhone with by using the new CBS app from CBS Interactive. The app also has a "My CBS" feature that will notify users when a new episode of their favorite show is available, whether its NCIS, CSI, How I Met Your Mother or Elementary.

* Full Episode Streaming in HD
* Personalized Show List
* Live Social Feeds
* Photo Galleries and Cast Pages
* Primetime Schedule

Experience A Second Screen For CBS Shows With CBS Connect

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on January 3rd, 2013

CBS announced today a second screen app that will let you connect with all CBS shows while watching them. It's iPad-only, but it offers aggregated Twitter and Facebook chats across the CBS daytime, primetime, and late-night shows, as well as fully synced second screen features for shows like CSI, Hawaii Five-0, and NCIS: Los Angeles, with more on the way.

The app’s second-screen features include:
· The opportunity to take a deeper look at elements of an episode which play a key role in the story but may only appear on screen for a split second

· Episode-specific insights and anecdotes provided by the shows’ creative teams

· Behind-the-scenes access for each episode, such as photos, videos and maps

· Spotlights on key locations and sets, like the NCIS: LOS ANGELES Ops Center

· The ability to easily follow and track social comments from the shows’ stars and creative talent

· Character back-stories, quizzes, polls and more

60 Minutes App Now Available for iPad

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 23rd, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

America's favorite news program has a new digital home, as CBS has announced that the 60 Minutes app is now available for the iPad. The digital edition will feature all non rights-restricted segments from each week's show, as well as special bonus content and online extras from 60 Minutes Overtime. But is this the right app for the right market? Or is CBS merely hoping to catch the wave of the iPad's popularity?

"It is an exciting new way to watch our stories. I love everything about it—the way the app looks, the way the stories play, and the fact that viewers can watch them anytime they want," said 60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager. "The 60 Minutes app takes full advantage of the generous screen size and unique features of the iPad, including high quality video," added Rob Gelick, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CBS Mobile. "The app allows fans to extend their engagement with 60 Minutes on a format that is easy to navigate and highly visual."

In addition to content from the current edition of the show, app users will also be able to run back through the 60 Minutes archive to pick up old stories and segments they may want to watch again. Content can be sorted through categories such as Newsmakers, Politics, Health & Science, Business, Sports, and Entertainment, or via correspondent name if you happen to have a favorite reporter.

It will be interesting to see how the app performs given that 60 Minutes tends to skew towards an older audience yet the iPad is a device typically used by younger consumers. Still, the tablet has worked hard to appeal to all age groups, so this might prove to be an immensely popular app for the tech-savvy older market set. After all, the show itself is incredibly popular, so there's a good chance that the app will be just as well-received.