FrEEday Vol 34

Posted by Chris Nitz on February 18th, 2011

Sure, you could burn a hole in your pocket by purchasing expensive games in various forms. However, the App Store provides plenty of great games that will give your wallet a break. Some of the best games on the App Store started out costing gamers not a penny. Just a few free new games worth your valuable time and space include:

Red Rum:
Ricochet games are starting to creep up in many forms. These games provide a simple premise of placing the player at one side of the screen, populating the space with enemies, and forcing the player to eliminate all the enemies with spectacular trick shooting skills. Red Rum will test your geometry and aiming skills as you will have to work hard at removing all the terrorists that stand in your way.

Alice in the Secret Castle:
Alice appears to have gone and got herself stuck in a castle. Good thing she has a magical rod that will aid her in escaping this castle. All she has to do is use this magical rod to hide castle walls so she can make it to the exit. Sadly, she has a long way to go as there are 64 rooms to get through. This will challenge you, while mocking you with visuals that pay tribute to the old days of pixilated goodness.

Skateboarding is fun no matter what platform it comes on. This game is all about distance and racking up big scores. The simple controls may make this seem like a walk in the park, but it will take quick reflexes and mad skills to avoid the abundance of obstacles littering the world. Sure you may not be kicking some mad 720s off a half pipe, but you will be bouncing off bums to add a precious few points to your score!

Caribbean JUMP Online:
This is a unique take on jumping game blended with a smidgen of racing. This is not a single player affair, though. Join up with friends and see who has the skills to pay the bills. Various offensive and defensive items will help you lay waste to your foes as you look to prove you are the supreme racer. When you do win, brag about it with included social media features.

Starfront: Collision:
If you think iOS can't handle a good real time strategy game, you may want to dive into this game. This RTS game comes with three factions, 20 missions, controls geared towards the touch interface, and even five multiplayer maps. Build up your skills by taking on the single player campaign where you will learn each races nuances, units, and buildings. If you’re an RTS fan, this maybe the gateway drug you have been waiting for.