Cargo-Bot: An iPad Game Made on iPad with Codea

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 25th, 2012
iPad App - Designed for iPad

Cargo-Bot is a game that Xzibit could be proud of. It's an iPad game, made on an iPad! Whoa!

The app was developed by Rui Viana, who made the game in Codea, Two Lives Left's Lua-based coding app formerly known as Codify. The game has players trying to move boxes around to get them into the correct arrangement. This is done through commands to move the crane left, right, and pick up/put down a box. It's also possible to set up to 4 different commands that can then be used to set up loops, and conditional statements that only work when the box is in a certain status.

Yes, that means that Cargo-Bot is an iPad game about programming, made in an iPad app that lets users program games. Whoa.

The game was prototyped and programmed in Codea over several months, with several people contributing music and art for the game. The code was imported into Two Lives Left's Codea Xcode template, which will soon be made available to Codea users, and then published to the App Store. It all started with one project made on an iPad, and now anyone can play it on their iPad.