Square Register Brings The Cash Register To The iPad

Posted by Jennifer Allen on March 7th, 2012
iPad App - Designed for iPad

We've all used the old fashioned clunky cash drawer in a store, but how about a future where this expensive and heavy item is no longer needed? The release of Square Register has made that a bit more likely, thanks to the app's ability to accept card and cash payments via an iPad.

Square Register is ideal for the small business owner. Once the user signs up to the service, they're provided with a free Square Card Readee. With a compatible cash drawer and receipt printer, it's possible to take cash payments at a tap of a button. While card payments invoke a fee of 2.75% a transaction, cash payments are free to take making this an ideal app for those business owners dealing with small yet regular sums of cash.

It's quick to sign up for, as well. Numerous analytical services are then made available so that the user can track their sales, what times of day are their busiest, how many tips have been accrued, and even tax-based inquiries.

It's possible to keep track of what items have been sold and for how much, as well as create a loyalty program for customers. Electronic receipts can be provided instantly via SMS or email, but paper receipts are still an option.

It's all very clever stuff and a great space and money saver for the business owner.

The Square Register app is available now for free.