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Candy Train Leaves The Popcap Station

Posted by Blake Grundman on May 24th, 2011

PopCap is one of those companies that just keeps churning out quality game nuggets by the truckload.  Thanks to their innovative new 4th & Battery studio, the developer has had even more of a chance to spread their wings.  Their first release, Unpleasant Horse, was a great stride into the mini-game category of iOS, while still striving to succeed at being a completely free title.

Last week, PopCap was eager to proclaim the release of their newest free offering: Candy Train.  After seeing a forgettable flash debut way back in 2003, the game has been redesigned to take advantages of all of the great features that iOS gamers have come to know and love.

The backstory of this game's development has it that an aspiring developer working in another branch of the company decided to prove their moxie and design a whole new iOS game around this long-lost flash gem.  After toiling away on the game in her free time, investing many hours outside of the office, she eventually had a finished product to show to the powers that be within Popcap.

Leadership within

the company was so impressed with the level of detail and polish in the game that they determined that it was worth sharing with the general public, and thus Candy Train was re-born.  Oh, and what ever became of that budding developer that dreamed of one day joining the legions developing classics at Popcap?  She has now successfully transitioned into a full-time role as a game programmer.

These are the kinds of stories that you just love to hear, from a developer that can seeming do no wrong.  So why not show Sophia some love and give the game a download?  It isn't like a free game is going to break the bank, after all!


FrEEday Vol 45

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 20th, 2011

iQuarterback 2:
iQuarterback 2 allows gamers to step into the shoes of a budding quarterback badass. As a new quarterback, players are tasked with competing in various mini-games that test skills like throwing accuracy, ball control, and agility. Two different game modes will provide plenty to do as gamers look to level up their superstars while unlocking fun items like new environment, mascot heads, and even snowballs!

Candy Train:
Gamers are tasked with guiding a train along a train track in hopes of collecting copious amounts of sweets in Candy Train. The problem is that the train tracks are all kinds of jumbled up. This means players will need to drive the train while also fixing the tracks to collect all the yummy candy. So much candy, so little time.

KungFu Food-Panda:
If slashing fruit and veggies has out stayed its welcome, then it maybe time to slice some mouth watering dinner options. KungFu Food-Panda contains simple, yet familiar, controls. Just swipe a finger across the screen to hack food into tiny bits. There are three different modes to test those dinner hacking skills, and several achievements to unlock. That rice dish was cold anyway.

Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami Time Attack:
Time for a challenging new puzzle game. Rules are simple, just select a group of three numbers. If the greatest number in that group equals the sum of all the other number in the group, the turn is deemed successful. Each move will see the numbers disappear and be replenished with new numbers. As the game moves along, the numbers climb higher, thus adding challenge to the game. The game comes with three different modes of play and even a hint of education disguised as fun. This is a game for anyone of any age!

Omega Drive:
Strange cosmic forces have laid waste to most of humanity. Adding to the devastation, an asteroid threatens to wipe out planet earth. It is up to the player to drive through a city full of rubble and debris to activate a laser defense system to save the world. The are plenty of jumps, stunts, and rooftops to enjoy while cruising around. With so much to do, players may forget they are there to save the world and not perform a double barrel roll.