Chillingo Releases Three New Titles

Posted by Lisa Caplan on November 1st, 2011

Chillingo released three new titles last week, all under the brand and each distinct. Saving Moo pits aliens against cows with only the farmer, himself having being abducted before and now ready, standing between them. This arcade game will have players blasting aliens with 17 funny weapons like egg cannons and marshmallow guns over 25 equally funny action filled levels.

Candy Town is a simple match-3 style game that stimulates a players appetite and their ability to think fast. Connect at least three of the same flavor and create combos of like-colored cupcakes to progress through increasingly difficult levels or race against the clock.

We’re most excited about SpinTrip, however, that has elements of a fantasy adventure gaming in a platform set-up. Evil Gants have stolen magic Shims, so with the help of magical Chibs gamers embark on a quest across the land of Canoo to save them.  Confused? Watch the trailer and see for yourself.