Big Sale on Sentinel 3: Homeworld and Campaign 2 DLC

Posted by Rob Rich on September 27th, 2011
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Tower defense fans rejoice! Origin8, makers of the rather popular and critically acclaimed Sentinel 3: Homeworld have seen fit to drop the price for a limited time. Okay, it wasn't entirely their doing but rather Openfeint's FireSale promotion. Although technically it was the thousand Openfeint gamers who voted for the price drop, I suppose.

Regardless, Sentinel 3: Homeworld is temporarily marked down to a dollar. That's right, for an indeterminate about of time it's possible to get a hold of one of the App Store's most celebrated tower defense titles for next to nothing. Even better, as special "Thank You" for all the love, Origin8 has also temporarily dropped the price of the Campaign 2 DLC. So that's another dollar. Just in case anyone was wondering, that's $5 worth of some of the most highly regarded TD goodness for a mere $2.

I'm sure there are a fair number of people reading this who already own the game, but I also imagine a fair number of them have yet to get the DLC. No time like the present, right? And everyone else who loves tower defense games but still doesn't own it, wave those lame excuses bye-bye.