Call Anywhere In The World For Free With Voypi

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 9th, 2011

It's an expensive business keeping in touch with friends via cell phones. Even with the advances of technology and the changes in price plans, it still costs a small fortune to call a friend in another country.

While some users might want to go the Skype route, others might fancy a change. That change is called Voypi.

It's an app that allows users to call or text other Voypi users anywhere in the world for free. There's not even the irritatation of ad banners getting in the way!

Voypi is always on so users are always connected to others just like a regular mobile phone network, but according to the developers the phone battery isn't affected negatively by this.

It also works with the phone's contact list making it easy to find friends without having to set up a separate account.

Voypi works over 3g and Wi-Fi and it's available now for the grand total of nothing. Why not give it a whirl?