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5 Developers Pioneer New Concept

Posted by Kevin Du on March 10th, 2009

In the competitive battle for the newest and greatest iPhone apps and games, five independent developers set aside their own pursuit for that #1 spot in the iTunes store and created a pioneering new concept.

Sega had them, Playstation had them and Nintendo had them. Now, the iPhone has one: the game bundle.

The 5 Fingers Games Bundle takes five of the most popular and best selling iPhone games, and combines them into one great package. In addition, besides having five great games readily available, because they are all together in one app, it only takes up one app space on your iPhone. That means five games for one dashboard spot!

With a shared admiration and enthusiasm for each other's work, these 5 indie developers have joined forces to bring you the following five addictive and high-energy games on one simple launch pad:

Chopper - Majic Jungle Software
Up There - Veiled Games
Sneezies - Antair Games
BurnBall - IMS
Blackbeard's Assault - Warhorse Games

Often for a games bundle, a publisher pulls together one or two good titles and throws in some weaker games to fill in the space, but these are the best selling game from each of five indie developers. Each one is a gem in their own right, with production values, quality, and most importantly, heart.

Together these games have a value of over $10.00, with each being at least $1.99. The bundle is available for just $4.99, a discount of 50% or more off each game.

Could this be a new trend in the competitive world of iPhone gaming? We'll just have to wait and see.

For more info click here.

It's a Knockdown, Drag-out, Blog Fight!

Posted by Jeff Scott on February 6th, 2009
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Tim Haines, developer of BurnBall (iTunes Link) has started a blog fight friendly competition amongst 5 iPhone app review sites. The competition divides users into tribes and awards the top blog each day with a promo code to give away to readers. Here's how it works.

First, if you already have BurnBall, change your name in the app to end in 148Apps (change it to something like "John Michaels 148Apps". That puts you in the 148Apps tribe - you'll be in good company! Then the blog with the tribe member that's the highest up the high score table each day will win a promo code.

Post a comment to this post if you are in our tribe and don't forget to change your name in the game. Also, if you want a promo code for BurnBall, post a comment here. We'll give out any that we win to a random commenter on this message. To start that off, we've got 2 promo codes for BurnBall to give away this afternoon.

Make sure you play each day for the highest score in BurnBall, you can check the scores in the game.

Here's a list of the participating blogs:


Good luck, may the best blog win!

Update: One rule modification has been made -- to keep Razorian Fly and their rabid followers from running away this competition each and every day. If a single player wins in any of the three levels (Easy, Hard, OMG), they can not win again in that level. Seems simple enough.

Update: Congrats to Hyprhypr and saulbhp winners of BurnBall promo codes. We'll give away more if our Tribe wins! Come on 148Apps Tribe!


By Jeff Scott on December 29th, 2008
Take the gameplay from Qix of connecting lines from the sides of the screen to block off part of the screen, throw in accelerometer control, fun graphics, a cute storyline, and varied enemies and you have a pretty fun game.
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