FrEEday, Volume 29

Posted by Chris Nitz on January 14th, 2011

Another perfectly good week is once again been destroyed by the corporate machine. As you sit in your cube staring blindly at the monitor, why not sneak in a free bit of gaming? It is much more fun than watching the clock slowly tick away the day. Besides, it is slacker Friday.

Run Like Hell! –
Get those fingers warmed up as you are going to need quick reaction times for this game. Run Like Hell! is a platformer pitting your running, jumping, and sliding skills to the test. Leaderboards, five endless levels, story mode, and free updates make this a time consuming monster. It is to damn cold outside to be running in real life, so why not enjoy it virtually?

Catcha Mouse –
Mice are tricky little creatures. No matter how strategic you get with mousetraps, they always seem to find a way to avoid them. Catcha Mouse takes this mouse hunting frustration right to your iOS device. You have to stop a mouse from escaping through one of the many mouse holes on the screen. If you are stuck on one level, skip it and try a different one, as all levels are playable. It will take skill and brains to capture this clever furry rodent.

Emross War –
Emross War is a massively multiplayer strategy game. You start as a young lord looking to make your mark in the world. As you gain experience, you can recruit other legendary heroes and summon powerful guardians to fight by your side. You do not have to go at this alone though. Recruit your friends and take on the forces of Chaos together. Those of you who enjoy games like Travian or Evony will most certainly feel at home here.

Bubble Ball –
Bubble Ball is a physics based puzzle game in which you must get a bubble to the goal. You will need to use different wood and metal game pieces along with power-ups with a bit of ingenuity in order to solve the abundance of puzzles included in this game. You can even change the color of the bubble if blue does not suit your fancy. This will help keep you entertained as you wait for a fresh pot of coffee to brew.

Bullistic –
Are you sick of flinging birds at pigs yet? Bullistic will have you shooting bulls to see how much damage you can do on vases, plates, and glass. Game Center leaderboards and achievements will have you coming back to cause even more damage. You only have three shots; how much damage can you cause? Causing destruction is so much fun!