Bug Heroes Deluxe Provides an Alternative to Freemium IAP

Posted by Carter Dotson on August 15th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Bug Heroes, the dual-stick shooter and tower defense hybrid, went freemium earlier this year, with in-app purchases for additional playable characters, new levels, new weapons, and new enemies to fight. However, developer Foursaken Media has decided that due to what they preceive as animosity toward free to play and freemium games being what they describe as "money suckers," they have released a new version of Bug Heroes with all in-app purchases included. Bug Heroes Deluxe includes all current in-app purchases at the same price as the total of all in-app purchases in the original version of Bug Heroes, totaling 20 characters, 11 environments, and over 50 enemies. People who purchase Bug Heroes Deluxe will get all future IAP content added to regular Bug Heroes for free.

With the current move toward games supported by in-app purchases, this is an interesting move back toward the traditional model of premium apps by Foursaken Media, though even their IAP model of selling content without any kind of consumable content stands out. This is something rare in this day and age, but could appeal to 'core' gamers who have a general disposition to in-app purchase content, and would rather get all content at once.

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