Broken Sword Sequel Coming Soon

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on December 10th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

It was easy to fall in love with Broken Sword when it was released earlier this year. The intriguing storyline and unique gameplay drew players in and refused to let them go, and now we've received word that a follow-up title is poised to appear for iOS any day now. Series developer Revolution has announced that Broken Sword – the Smoking Mirror: Remastered will debut for iOS devices "very shortly," with a PC and Mac release to follow early next year.

For the new title the folks at Revolution are promising "Fully animated facial expressions, enhanced graphics throughout, high quality music as well as a context-sensitive hint system, and diary." The game will also feature Dropbox integration, letting you store your save files in the cloud and then resume play from a different device, letting you jump from say an iPhone to iPad with ease.

For those interested, here's a quick breakdown of the story, directly from Revolution:
"The story sees the return of George Stobbart and Nico Collard. While investigating a ruthless drug gang, journalist Nico Collard unexpectedly comes across an ancient artifact. Little can she know that the ornately carved obsidian stone will lead her, and her adventuring companion George Stobbart, into a mysterious escapade of intrigue and deceit, in which they must overcome powerful forces and antagonists who will stop at nothing to fulfill their evil ambitions."

The franchise has long been beloved on the PC, and its transition to iOS has been incredibly smooth. The original saw stellar reviews from both critics and users, and from the looks of things this latest entry into the franchise takes a good thing and makes it even better. We'll keep our peepers peeled for more info and let you know just as soon as The latest edition of Broken Sword becomes available.

[via Revolution Games]