Make Surprisingly Complex Bobbleheads with Bobbleshop

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 13th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Want to make bobbleheads? Perhaps a friend would look a lot better with a springy head on their shoulders? Well, good news, Bobbleshop is now here. It's possible to alter a bunch of facial features, including a variety of hair for both the face and top of the head. Rock that bearded look! There are a variety of noses, ears, mouths, chins, and other features. There are dozens of details in total that can be added in order to make that perfect bobblehead. All accessories and features can be shrunken, enlarged, and rotated by using two finger pinching and rotating gestures.

The app's most interesting feature is that it's possible to export bobbleheads via email. Send them to friends and family, and they can be viewed in the app, and can be edited as well. Just in case that one friend really didn't like the 'accurate' size of their nose. Bobbleshop is available now as a universal app.