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Social Networking While Watching TV Thanks To BeeTV

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 24th, 2011

iPad owners will be excited to discover a new way of forming social connections via the fun that can be had watching TV thanks to BeeTV.

BeeTV allows users to share their favorite TV moments as they happen with their friends and others. Users are able to see what their friends are watching at the time, invite them to 'join' them in watching a show and see what hits are currently trending. Users in need of recommendations are also served well here with BeeTV aiding them by offering personalized recommendations based on what they've previously enjoyed.

The app encompasses Twitter and Facebook ensuring that it's easy to see what's going on at any point. Plus users can swiftly find new friends that like the same shows or films as themselves, extending friendships across the globe. Fact fans can also learn more about the show they're watching at the tap of a button and they can receive notifications as to when their favorite shows are coming up next too.

BeeTV is a free app for the iPad and it's available now.

beeTV Serves Up Personalized TV Recommendations and Listings

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on June 23rd, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

When it comes to watching TV and movies, we've got more options than ever before. Hulu and network sites like ABC rule the (legal) internet streaming sphere; Netflix offers streaming movies; some sites even have mobile versions. Almost every TV show is available online in some form or another. And then there's your regular, reliable TV. Keeping up with all the options is sometimes a job in and of itself.

Enter beeTV, a personalized TV/movie recommendation engine. The beeTV app serves up recommendations for all platforms—TV, internet, and mobile—all tailored to your specific tastes. My favorite part by far is the TV listing directory, which is based on your local TV provider. (Especially useful to me, perhaps, because Mediacom stopped giving us the TV Guide channel. Sigh.) You can rate shows and movies, which further shapes beeTV's knowledge of your preferences, and you can also create a "queue" for what to watch, and when.

The selection of shows and movies is somewhat limited right now, but still solid. A large amount of the online content is drawn from Amazon.com and iTunes (i.e., you've got to pay for it!) and finding something to stream from the iPhone is tricky. (iPad users can take advantage of the Netflix listings.) However, beeTV also has a web version (bee.tv) which is better organized, and from a "real" browser you can take advantage of sites like Hulu while accessing the queue you built from the iPhone app.

Despite those small quirks, though, personal TV recommendations are great if you're just looking for something to watch.