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Doctor Who: Legacy receives big update, adds Perk System and more

Posted by on April 22nd, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Tiny Rebel Games (with Seed Studio and the BBC) has just updated puzzle RPG Doctor Who: Legacy with new content and features.

Version 2.0 adds in content from Season 5 of the hit TV series, as well as a new mode, a Perk system, and new characters.

The Season 5 story arc, Rise of the Master, sees the most recent incarnation of the Master, as played by John Simm, continuing his chaos and destruction. It also introduces two older incarnations of the Master from classic Doctor Who, Roger Delgado (the First Master) and the burnt Master from The Deadly Assassin.

The Perk system unleashes an innovative system for customization, strategy and depth – players will unlock abilities as they collect and level up their collection of allies and as they progress through the game.

Four more incarnations of the Doctor join the game: the First Doctor (William Hartnell), the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton), the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and the War Doctor (John Hurt), bringing us to a total of ten Doctors now available for free in the game with more on the way.

Doctor Who: Legacy is available for free on the App Store.


BBC Worldwide Announces Top Gear: Race The Stig, a Lane-Based Endless Driver for iOS

Posted by on March 6th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

BBC Worldwide has released Top Gear: Race The Stig for iOS.

It’s a three-laned running game cloaked like a racer. Folks familiar with Temple Run will be very comfortable with the gesture-based controls, and fans of the BBC show will appreciate the references. Features include the ability to race cars from the TV show, several arcade-like power-ups, social sharing/leaderboards, and plenty of opportunities for customization.

Top Gear: Race the Stig, while free, does include in-app purchases and is available on the App Store.


BBC Earth Wonders Review

BBC Earth Wonders Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
This image- and video-dense, detail-light app from the BBC showcases a planet full of natural splendor, but the interface lacks the artistry of the pictures.

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BBC Sport Released

Posted by on February 6th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

BBC has released an iPhone app specifically targeted to the UK sports lover. In other words, Football fans. In my quick look it’s well done, and generally snappy version of their mobile site. Though it does seem to lack features that you would expect like the ability to add favorite teams. (or favourite teams if you prefer)

Brain Cox’s Wonders of the Universe Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Travel virtually around the universe and see it in vivid detail in this incredible app

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App Update: Top Gear Stunt School Adds Secret Agent Level

Posted by on October 26th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

For fans of the BBC show Top Gear, this game can help you play through some of the wackier parts of the show, and most of them are taken to an even wackier extreme in the game.

The newly updates Secret Agent levels allow you to do some Bond-esque things, but Top Gear Style. Like build a submarine car, build a secret agent car on a budget, and more. A halloween themed level will also open up soon.

With the 2012 Summer Olympics headed to London starting July 27th, it’s night time we took a look at some great apps to use to watch and keep track of the happenings in the UK this year. Today, we’ll take a gander at five useful apps that will help you do just that.

2012 Team USA Road To London
Here’s the official app of the United States Olympic Committee, providing information about the US olympic team and their experience before and during the games in London. The app will include daily updates of which athletes make the team, daily editorial content on the specific sports and athletes involved in the Olympics, and a “cheer” button to let you send messages to athletes via Facebook and Twitter. You can also donate to Team USA or buy official gear directly from the app.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-05-14 :: Category: Sports

NBC Olympics
NBC is the official US network of the 2012 Olympic games, and their app will provide pre-game content including news, videos, photos and athlete information. During the games, the app will allow you to follow every event from London, including real-time results & schedules, medal counts and TV & Online listings. Plus, it will function as a second-screen experience during the nightly recap on NBC.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-07-12 :: Category: Sports

NBC Olympics Live Extra
Want to actually watch the Olympics live while it happens? Use this app from NBC. It will let you watch all the live coverage, as well as on-demand replays and alternate camera views. The app includes archival video of the Beijing Olympic Games, too, so you won’t run out of content any time soon. If you have a new iPad, you’ll be able to watch the videos in HD resolution as well.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-07-12 :: Category: Sports

BBC Olympics
Follow the Olympics with a decidedly welcome non-US flavor with direct coverage of the 2012 Games by the BBC, Britain’s own boradcast network. There will be daily live text commentary, breaking news, and headlines that reflect your own national team based on your location. You’ll also be able to share stories and videos via Facebook and Twitter, and customize the app to just show the sports and teams you are most interested in.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-07-12 :: Category: Sports

London 2012: Official Results App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games
Just want to follow the results of all 36 sports in the Olympic Games? This may be your go-to app, with just-the-facts-quality coverage of all the results, live updates, calendar schedule, details of sports, medal tables and athlete profiles you can handle, brought to you by The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited, the official body for the summer games.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-07-04 :: Category: Sports

NBC And BBC Launch Olympics Apps

It’s less than two weeks until the Summer Olympics begin in London, UK, and the Olympic tie-in apps are out in force.

The BBC in the UK and NBC in the USA have released apps that offer all the latest news, stats and schedules. The BBC Olympics app promises catch-up highlights on demand for UK based users, while NBC’s provides live streaming video for those with a cable or satellite subscription.

BBC Olympics offers up to 24 live streams of action, alongside medal tables and information on every sport. NBC Olympics comes with similar, along with information about London and a Twitter Tracker feature.

NBC Olympics Live Extra provides the live experience for subscribers with footage viewable from multiple camera angles and plenty of highlight reels to check out.

All three apps are available now in their respective countries. Kick off your Olympic viewing now and prepare for a fantastic sports based spectacle.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-07-12 :: Category: Sports

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-07-12 :: Category: Sports

Top Gear has evolved from its unexciting beginnings into a thrilling TV show of fast cars and caravans and trailers being blown to pieces. The iPad game, Top Gear: Stunt School captured that spirit pretty well despite its rough and ready nature.

Now, there’s a Top Gear revolution afoot, namely new release Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution. The game offers similarly frantic stunt based action as before but it’s completely free to download with the option of partaking in some in-app purchases to speed things along.

The game offers the chance to balloon hop across the Grand Canyon in a motor home, escape Alcatraz in a sports car or even use a pickup to speed through a roller-coaster on a New York skyscraper with a cow on the back. Yes, it’s pretty zany stuff and a great way of using some iconic locations from around the world.

A plethora of cars and vehicle customization options are bound to keep petrolheads entertained.

Even better, Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution is an Universal app meaning everyone can join in this time round!

Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution is out now.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-06-14 :: Category: Games

The world may be a great big place, but technology continues to make it smaller and smaller. Now, it can fit on your iPad thanks to the release of the Barefoot World Atlas. This fun app is a great way to teach kids all about the world in which they live, and may even provide a few fun facts for grownups as well.

Navigating the atlas is as simple as dragging a finger across the screen and using the pinch zoom to get a close look at places of interest. As you fly down into the countries and regions you can tap on icons that teach you all about the people, places and animals that make up the area, and get a better sense of what’s beyond your front door.

The atlas was created and narrated by BBC Presenter Nick Crane, in conjunction with Touch Press and England’s Royal Geographic Society. It’s a beautiful, entertaining way to start teaching kids how to think globally and learn all they can in an increasingly interconnected world.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-03-15 :: Category: Reference

BBC iPlayer Puts the BBC on the iPad

Ages ago, when mankind first learned of fire and kept small dinosaurs as pets, I used to work in a very large bookstore. One of those big ones that sold DVDs and wooden toys on top of books and stuff. Stick with me, the bit about the DVDs is important. So, having worked in a store that sells DVDs I’ve come to learn something about our society: American people go absolutely nuts for British television.

Seriously, so many people would spend upwards of $80 or more on a single season of some show about a woman who marries people and lives in wine country or something. And maybe solves murders. Average citizens solve a lot of murders over there, don’t they?

Perhaps it’s because they’ve finally realized that their shows have a massive global appeal, or maybe it’s because they finally got the funds together, but BBC Worldwide has created (and is unleashing) their BBC iPlayer: an iPad app that allows a fairly extensive (1500 hours worth on day one) amount of their catalog to be streamed digitally. The managing director of (Luke Bradley-Jones) has told that the service will feature newer episodes but also grant users access to “… the best from the catalogue stretching back 50 to 60 years.”

Some content is available for free (add-supported, of course), but subscriptions are available for €6.99 (roughly $10) a month and €49.99 (about $72) a year. Sure subscription fees are always daunting, but considering the fact that most BBC enthusiasts plunk down more than triple that in a year or less, I think this seems like a great deal. Especially when considering the perks that the US version will include: 3G and Wi-Fi streaming, as well as (this is the big one) downloading videos directly to the iPad for offline viewing. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t be willing to pay a little bit each year to be able to load up some Doctor Who, Primeval, Top Gear and more, whenever they’d like? Imagine how awesome those commutes would be.

The BBC iPlayer is due out “Thursday” in 11 Western European countries, but US, Canadian and Australian residents will have to wait until later this year. Bummer.

[via] [ image credit: ]

Dragons’ Den Review

Developer: 2waytraffic
Price: $2.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 4

Graphics / Sound Rating: ★★★★☆
Game Controls Rating: ★★★★☆
Gameplay Rating: ★★★★☆
Replay Value Rating: ★★★½☆

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Dragons’ Den might not sound immediately familiar to US readers, hopefully Shark Tank will (assuming Wikipedia hasn’t let me down). It’s a reality TV show in which entrepreneurs pitch various business ideas to experts in the hope of securing finance from them and eventually great success. In the UK at least, someone’s had the foresight to create an iOS game based around the concept.

In the game you take part in three rounds of decision making. You’re given a fairly cryptic clue as to what the product is and it’s down to you to decide whether it’s a good idea or not. You can choose to only invest a partial sum into the product or you can go for broke and invest the entire amount, hoping it pays off in massive dividends. The clues are an interesting bunch. There are 100 pitches in all, comprising of some huge successes and some similarly huge flops. While some clues might appear obvious, others do require a certain amount of guesswork. While guesswork is never ideal in any game, it’s not too obtrusive and figuring out each pitch is quite fun.

The problem lies in the length of each game. At only three rounds long, it only takes a matter of minutes to complete a game. You can play more games of course but it makes you wish for a longer version, just so you don’t keep feeling like you’re going round in circles. There’s a pass and play mode too so that you can play with other people which is quite fun. But again it feels short.

Dragons’ Den is an enjoyable game but I just wish that it felt less frivolous and brief. The 100 pitches will last you a fair while and it’s interesting and informative in its approach. But it would really benefit from an extra game mode that’s longer and more involving. Still, for the price, it offers enough to keep you interested.

Download Dragons’ Den now, currently only available in the UK.

Good Food Magazine Review

Good Food Magazine Review

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
BBC's Good Food application is the electronic version of the popular printed magazine, featuring a number of recipes and features for your reading pleasure.

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BBC iPlayer Review

Developer: BBC
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
iTunes UK Link: BBC iPlayer

Design Rating: ★★★★☆
Features Rating: ★★★☆☆
Integration Rating: ★★★☆☆

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆

Last year, I reported on the launch of the highly-anticipated (and delayed) BBC News application:

“In less than 24 hours after its release, the BBC News application has shot up to #1 in the News category. It was a story about bureaucracy at its worst whenever the BBC Trust, BBC’s governing body, told their development team to shelve the iPhone application launch in the UK due to ‘uncertainty about the potential significance of whether [the BBC’s plans] constitutes a change of service.'”

Over six months have passed since the BBC went live on the App Store, and now it finally has its much needed companion, the BBC iPlayer.

The application is a dramatic improvement over its web-based predecessor, both visually and in terms of features. Three categories – Featured, Most Popular and For You – work to bring you all of the latest TV catch with minimal fuss. iPlayer focuses on Radio too, with the Radio section receiving as much attention as its TV counterpart, including the same categories. Shows can be favourited, permitting quick access to your most important media. To make a show a favourite, either hold its miniature feature from one of the three categories and drag it up to the favourites bar, or tap “Add to Favourites” and it’ll do the rest. The favourites bar is accessible via the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, or by the star at the top.

Video quality is respectable, and the application offers High Quality where available. Unfortunately, it’s all Wi-Fi only, even for Radio, meaning 3G iPad ownerswill need to resort to creative means or join a Wi-Fi hotspot before media can be viewed. Obviously, stream quality will be network dependent, but in personal tests I found the video to be smooth and consistent. Content cannot be downloaded locally, so its online viewing only.

If you’re a parent who’s concerned about adult humour making its way into children’s ears, the BBC have included a Parental Guidance PIN that requires unlocking before adult-rated content can be viewed. A secret question is included in case you forget your PIN. However, be advised, once you enter a PIN there’s no way of reversing the process, meaning you’ll have to enter it in every time you want to watch or listen to a show marked with adult humour.

iPlayer includes a search and categories section also, the latter of which groups all shows into fourteen categories, ranging from Children’s to Films to Religion & Ethics. Conveniently, the search isn’t just by name only. Typing in Jeremy revealed a number of different shows that include Jeremy in its short text synopsis. Finally, the application also features channel listings for BBC One, Two, Three, Four, CBBC, CBeebies, News and Parliament. The entire week’s listings are present, along with a short text synopsis where available.

Overall, as a free tool, iPlayer will always remained installed on my iPad, but there certainly is room for improvement. Its lack of streaming over 3G is by far the biggest disappointment, something that its competitor The Guardian allowed last month in a major overhaul. In addition, you’ll have to manually check when new shows are added (related favourites will automatically be added to your favourites bar); a push notification alert wouldn’t go amiss for specific programs. Nonetheless, iPlayer is free, and that’s something not to be taken for granted. Better some features than none in this case.

Dr Who: The Mazes of Time Review

Dr Who: The Mazes of Time Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
This is one of those games which would have been better off if it had stayed lost in time.

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CNN Launches iPad App

CNN, one of the world’s leading news organizations, today announced that it has launched its official iPad app. The new app will present CNN’s top stories, as well as blogs, videos and other articles from around the news network. Users can also share articles via Facebook and Twitter and watch live video of major world events as they happen.

“High quality, world-class journalism is what CNN does best, whether live breaking news, hard-hitting interviews or in-depth investigations, and our iPad app presents that content to the world in a wholly new way,” said KC Estenson, senior vice president and general manager of “This app harnesses the best of what the iPad offers by leveraging striking photos and videos; elegant, multi-touch navigation; and the ability to share content with your friends via social media.”

“One of the things about the app that excites us most is the ability to serve the news needs of iPad users while also exposing them to original, enterprise content from CNN that will surprise and delight them,” added Louis Gump, vice president of CNN Mobile. “The CNN App was built from the ground up with our consumers in mind, and we are proud of the new CNN experience we’ve created for the device.”

To celebrate the launch of the iPad app CNN has also announced that the iPhone and iPod versions are now free, and that the international edition has received an update which will allow users to watch live video of breaking news. So ultimately today is a big day for news junkies no matter how you slice it.

With so many news apps out there it will be interesting to see which way users lean and if any one service emerges as a dominant player in the app space. One thing’s for sure though, with the BBC, NY Times, CNN and tons of others all vying for your attention, there’s basically no way for anyone with an iPad to ever feel like they’re out of the loop on what’s going on in the world.

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Released: 2010-12-14 :: Category: News

New Doctor Who Game Announced

A certain British time-traveling hero is about to get a brand new iOS game, as Tag Games and the BBC have announced a brand-new Doctor Who game. Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time will be available on all iOS devices later this month, just in time for the holidays. Then again, given the good doctor’s propensity for jumping around through time the game may be out already and we don’t even know it. Quick! Look behind you!

Mazes of Time will feature the Doctor and faithful companion Amy Pond working together to “defeat infamous enemies, solve devious puzzles, and restore peace.” The announcement trailer shows the two characters working independently yet in concert to solve puzzles and navigate through enemy-infested terrain. It’s unclear how combat will work in the game, as all we’ve seen so far is the Doctor and Amy running away from baddies, not standing up and fighting them. One bit does show the Doctor luring a robot onto an electrified floor, so it seems the combat may well be environmental and trap-based. Sorry, I guess you won’t be disassembling any mechanical baddies with a sonic screwdriver.

The game is scheduled to land before Christmas so we should be seeing sometime within the next few weeks. While we’re excited to try out a new Doctor Who game we’re going to go with cautious optimism as recent digital editions of the franchise on other mediums haven’t been all that well-regarded. Still, a co-op puzzle solving game is an interesting genre to tackle and one which we’re not quite burnt out on yet. Thank heavens it’s not yet another physics-based puzzle game, we’ve all had enough of those to last us several lifetimes.

We’ll keep you posted on new info about the game as its release date nears, for now go get caught up on the latest season so you’ll be ready for the game.

[via BBC America]

BBC iPlayer Coming to the iPad

Though companies like Netflix and ABC already have devoted video streaming apps for the iPad it’s still an arena that many media organizations are slow to embrace. It seems that the BBC is ready to jump in though, as they have announced plans to release their iPlayer TV service in the US very soon, but there are a couple catches. First off, it’s an iPad exclusive; second, it’s arriving as a subscription service.

The BBC iPlayer basically functions very similarly to what the major American television networks are doing in the online space. Users can launch the iPlayer and then watch or listen to any of the BBC’s television or radio programming from the past seven days on-demand. So, if you happened to miss the latest episode of Doctor Who, Top Gear, or want to get the latest headlines from BBC World News, iPlayer will be your best bet. The service has been available in the UK for three years now and is easily the most popular on-demand service across the pond.

Unfortunately, unlike American services such as Netflix or Hulu shows don’t stay on the iPlayer after the seven day window has passed. So if you’re looking to catch up on entire seasons of shows then iPlayer really won’t help all that much. However, huge BBC fans who want to have all the recent content available at their fingertips will likely love this app. The BBC hasn’t announced a pricing structure for the service yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how much the company plans to charge. Nor do we have any information yet on any potential service differences for the US version. There’s always the possibility that they will black out shows that are shown on BBC America for example.

The question now becomes, can the BBC break into the American market with this app? It’s definitely going to be tough considering how many other options are available to US consumers, but there’s definitely some content exclusive to the BBC that a number of folks would want to access. An interesting prospect indeed, and one which we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on.

[via PCUK]

In less than 24 hours after its release, the BBC News application has shot up to #1 in the News category. It was a story about bureaucracy at its worst whenever the BBC Trust, BBC’s governing body, told their development team to shelve the iPhone application launch in the UK due to “uncertainty about the potential significance of whether [the BBC’s plans] constitutes a change of service.” Now, five months later, its passed the test and can be downloaded free of charge to all UK iPhone – and iPad – users.

The universal application provides the latest news from around the globe, offering a live broadcast of the BBC News channel to UK residents. The channel runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but sadly does not work over 3G – despite a network charge warning appearing the first time you tap “Live”. The application’s design for iPhone is discerningly similar to Pulse News Mini, with its articles presented in boxes rather than in a list; the iPad edition resembling the widely successful Financial Times application with its category navigation. The pull down to refresh feature first seen in Tweetie is also in there. Rotating the application into landscape mode on the iPhone presents a uniquely designed news scroller.

The application also features a rolling news ticker and the ability to send a snapshot from your iPhone straight to the BBC team, but is missing a much-needed search feature. In addition, there’s no weather section to the application.

There is a certain amount of irony in the late launch of the British Broadcasting Company application, which has been available to download (with live radio instead of TV) in the US App Store since April. No word yet on whether BBC Sports and BBC iPlayer will be launched, both of which were discussed at the same time as the News application. The Sports application was planned to be released one month after the News application in mid-May.

You can read more on the BBC Technology page.

[Note: BBC Trust quote courtesy of The Guardian. iPad image courtesy of the BBC.]

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-04-01 :: Category: News

It’s the age-old developer story. Guy makes game, guy sells rights to game licenses game, guy gets game back again and remakes it for the iPhone. Okay, we’ve never heard that story either but it is the story behind retro game Qwak that’s heading to an iPhone near you.

This cute, old school adventure game was originally made for the BBC (that’s a computer not a UK TV network) 22 years ago and was then re-launched on the Amiga by Team 17, the guys who made Worms, in 1993. Qwak has lain dormant for several years until its original creator, Jamie Woodhouse, decide to bring it back to life via the iPhone. Learning the iPhone SDK as he went, Jamie has now completed the iPhone version, which he hopes will be available on the App Store very soon.

Check out the video below and you’ll see how this labor of love could quickly become the next addictive iPhone smash.

Qwak … coming soon to your iPhone from Jamie Woodhouse on Vimeo.

Update: Jamie has contacted us to point out that Qwak was licensed to Team 17, not sold.

The White House

The White House

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
CNN reaches the App Store with its new flagship application, CNN Mobile. We take a look at its impressive array of features, including push notifications and live video viewing.

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