Five For Friday: Week of January 5

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 6th, 2012

It's been a somewhat lean week for new releases to the App Store thanks to the remnants of Christmas and New Year. I know my brain's still fuzzy from such merriment. Despite such eventful times, we've managed to round up five of the best apps and games to be released over the past 7 days.

Legendary Heroes
Previously mentioned last month, Legendary Heroes is a compelling mix of castle defense gaming alongside hero class strategizing similar to the likes of League of Legends. All the better, it's free to play with the promise of quick and intense matches being ideal for the handheld nature of the iOS platform. Players control 3 heroes in the same match, each with their own unique special abilities and a levelling system to boot.

Battleland: Honor of Arena
Tower Defense Strategy games aren't uncommon on the App Store but that's no reason not to give Battleland: Honor of Arena a try. Offering over 100 levels divided into 12 different stages, Battleland: Honor of Arena offers plenty of value for money at the mere price of $0.99. There's even an online multiplayer mode in there that's sure to keep people keen.

Anyone who's used apps regularly has that sneaky feeling that they could design a better user interface. AppSketcher gives the user that chance with the ability to create mockups of what makes a great looking app. While it won't do the coding behind such attractive imagery, it does mean that AppSketcher is ideal for those working alongside others as part of a dev team. Numerous sharing options helps things move forward.

Pocket League Story
Terrifying news for anyone's productivity levels but fantastic news for the management gamer, Kairosoft has released another title! Pocket League Story mixes soccer management with the typical gameplay we've all come to expect and love from the Japanese developers. Does anything else really need to be said? Of course not, it's bound to be a fantastic way of wasting countless man hours throughout the next few weeks.

Mentioned here twice in one week because that's just how cool it is, InstaFlow is an intuitive and attractive way of exploring Instagram photos, easily and effectively. The Instagram community holds countless fascinating sights, snapped by people from around the world. Being able to search by tags and keywords just makes the experience all the more satisfying.