Pocket God Receives Landmark 40th Update

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 11th, 2011
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That tiny little 99c purchase of Pocket God way back in 2009 has gone a heck of a long way with updates coming in fast. It's meant that owners of Pocket God have always had something to go back to in the game and something new to discover. Now 2 years after its initial release, Bolt Creative has announced the release of the game's 40th update offering some astounding value. Impressive stuff for such a simple yet compelling title.

The 40th update, titled Battle of the Gods, promises to be the largest content expansion to date for the game. While the previous update introduced God Idols and God Island to the game world, this new episode allows players to use up to four of the aforementioned idols in a showdown against one of 40 gods on God Island. Each God Idol promises different attacks and weaknesses with future updates offering a new idol to obtain and a new god to fight.

Yes, more updates. Bolt Creative has promised that new updates will continue with CEO Dave Castelnuovo making a strong point of stating that the company will continue to take suggestions from avid fans in order to be as popular as ever.

As well as the Battle of the Gods update, players can also download a new Mafia skin pack for $0.99. It offers skins inspired by Mafia culture with players able to change the volcano into the New York skyline, replace the statue on Sand Island with a Pygmy wearing cement shoes and the ability to turn the moon into a pizza amongst many other things.

For the rare minority of iOS owners who have yet to purchase Pocket God, there's never been a better time than now with a huge amount of content bound to entertain for a tiny cost.

The Battle of the Gods update is available now. Check out the screenshots below.