Grim Joggers Update Thins the Herd

Posted by Blake Grundman on February 17th, 2011
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Imagine a world that is dominated by runners.  In this bizarre universe, running is not viewed as a method of self torture, but as the most efficient mode of transportation.  It is so widely accepted, in fact, that runners migrate by the flockload where ever they go.  To make matters weirder, these herds of human flesh don't prefer to run in safe areas.  No siree, to the contrary, they live by the motto of "the more dangerous, the better."  This odd parallel universe is the world of Grim Joggers, and many wanna be track stars perished to bring you this new update to the game.

As you may recall, last week our very own Chris Hall gave Grim Joggers a four star rating in its official 148Apps review.  With that fresh in their mind, the developer decided to add some additional content in the form of a brand new level design.  Here is what they have to say about it:
"The update includes a new world called Battlefield Bodybuilding. It has minefields which should be avoided altogether but also pressure sensitive mines which can be "ran through" but not to be landed upon or jumped from. We also have at least one more world we're still working on (it'll be "otherwordly")."

If you are curious what the new level actually looks like in action, check out this trailer below:

All-in-all, this looks like it is a welcome addition to an already solid game.  It is always amazing when developers are willing to support their products well after release.  Which raises the question of this last "otherworldly" update to the game.  Do you have any idea of what might be in the works?  Let us know your theories in the comments!