AppZapp Upgraded to 4.0

Posted by Jordan Minor on March 9th, 2012

When AppZapp came out two years ago it left its mark as one of the premiere apps for discovering other new apps and app sales. It made looking for fun, new apps an enjoyable activity itself. The new 4.0 update brings even more fun and functionality to the app searching experience.

One of the big new upgrades is the community feature. AppZapp users can now see what apps their friends are downloading to check out what looks interesting. This information is displayed on a news feed that also shows whether or not friends like their new apps. The other new feature is the ability for the MyApps list to view apps downloaded on all of a users devices. This makes syncing easier and more comprehensive.

The AppZapp 4.0 update is available now for AppZapp, AppZapp PUSH and AppZapp HD for iPad. The App Store is full of potentially awesome apps just waiting to be found and this app is here to help.

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