Save The Monkeys With Bananza Troop

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 9th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

It's impossible to not smile at a cutesy monkey in a game. Believe me, I've tried. In the case of Bananza Troop, there's even a plethora of baby monkeys to make the whole thing even cuter!

The game focuses on monkeys that must be shot through the air in order to free captured baby monkeys up above in cages as well as ever-tasty bananas. It's as wacky as it sounds with cannons propelling the monkeys skyward. It's fortunate, then, that such creatures are protected with the all too useful steel helmet.

Bananza Troop promises to be adorable and simple to control while still offering some challenging gameplay. It's the kind of thing that parents in particular might enjoy playing alongside their offspring so everyone can enjoy the monkey madness.

Check out the gameplay trailer below and all will be obvious!

Bananza Troop is out now priced at a very respectable $0.99.