Cardboard: The Original Hobo Sign - Yes, Really.

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 30th, 2012
iPad App - Designed for iPad

Fallen down on your luck with nowhere to call home but yet somehow still own an iPad? Well then, you're in luck! Sort of. There's an app that helps users write and display their very own hobo signs, ideal for the homeless iPad owner.

That app is Cardboard: The Original Hobo Sign and no, this isn't a joke. Even though, we can't see any actual unfortunate homeless people being able to use this as iPad ownership wouldn't be high on their list of priorities.

The app offers three different cardboard based backgrounds and the option to choose from a library of fun lines or the ability to add your own text. Users can then share the board via Facebook, Twitter or email.

It's a bizarre idea for sure and we can't say we're feeling too comfortable about it all. Given the ever rising number of people struggling to make ends meet, an iOS app based around making signs out of cardboard feels like it's in bad taste. This does however seem like a ideal time to point out the great work that charities such as Depaul International do in helping get homeless people back on their feet.

Cardboard: The Original Hobo Sign is out now.