Antengo Brings Short-Form Classifieds to iPhone

Posted by Carter Dotson on December 28th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

New classified service Antengo is trying to change up the way that users use online classified services by mixing elements of social networking apps like Twitter and Instagram to try and streamline and improve the experience. Users post their classifeieds to Antengo, using 140 characters or less to describe their item (sounds just like some other service!), posting a photo and the geolocation of the item or service being offered. Users of Antengo can send messages through a variety of methods: Antengo's own messaging service, SMS, calling, email, Facebook, or Twitter, depending on the seller's settings. Lists can be browsed either through a list of each item, map display of items in nearby proximity, or even in a photo-by-photo view. Antengo isn't just for random people trying to sell the stuff they don't want any more - businesses are using the service to advertise deals, like bars posting their drink specials to the service. $1 well whiskey Wednesdays? I want to go to there. Antengo is free to download and use for the iPhone and iPod touch.