Defend The Farmstead With Chicken Balls

Posted by Timothy Smith on March 10th, 2011

One of the greatest aspects of game design is the ability to borrow great design elements from proven games and make something entirely new. Endloop Studios is doing exactly that with their latest game, Chicken Balls. In Chicken Balls you play as a veteran war bird named Crash who has to defend his farm from an all out alien assault. In the process of freeing his animal friends from the clutches of the enemy, Crash realizes that the aliens have a more sinister plan than just animal captivity.

The gameplay trailer reveals that the game uses an Angry Birds launching mechanic, but it also includes innovative elements from such classics as Peggle, Pinball, and Pachinko. Lovers of quirky physics based puzzle games should be in for a treat. Chicken Balls certainly appears to have what it takes to be a great success in the app store, and we'll all find out soon enough because the game is slated to release on March 15th.
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