Location Aware Technology With A Purpose Thanks To Neer

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 6th, 2011

Neer has been referred to as Foursquare for adults and it's understandable why. It's even more obvious with its latest update offering To Do functionality.

Neer is more about the potential uses of knowing where people are than simply checking in and competing for badges.

The To Do list is location aware meaning that it'll keep track of what you should be doing depending on where you are. Everything is done automatically right down to Neer updating when you enter or leave a building. You can just leave the app to go about its business and give you a buzz as and when it needs to.

Sharing features are there but you can choose what places you share and with who so that you can still have some much needed privacy.

It's an interesting move for location based technology and one that's got a lot of potential. Being reminded by your phone at the appropriate time to pick up your dry cleaning or buy some milk could be a real timesaver.

Neer is a free app but currently only available in USA and Canada.