Wombi Ice Cream is a terrific universal role-playing app for kids allowing players to make and sell ice cream to delightfully crazy animal characters.

Wombi Ice Cream is utterly cute and fun as this app opens with a scene from inside an ice cream truck which looks out over the counter, waiting for customers. Pull the red handle left of the screen to play ice cream music, triggering a customer to come looking for a treat.

Being a language-neutral app, do look at the visual clues in the speech bubble of the animal customer to see what ice cream the animal is looking for – such as pink ice cream. Then scroll to the next pages to see the ice cream selections one can choose from and create a dessert for the customer.

At first glimpse, I thought this was a charming app for toddlers as the requests are pretty basic, but much to my family’s delight, this changes as the animals who frequent this ice cream truck become much more specific. They begin to have multiple requests or things to avoid, making this game a great way to flex one’s memory and reasoning as they may ask not just for pink or yellow ice cream, but possibly strawberry or banana and children must decipher what these characters are looking for, at the same time avoiding a list of dislikes as well.

Because of this, the difficulty level for this app is great for pre-school and beyond.

It is also quite creative to allow children to add their own flair to these requests, adding whatever they want to these treats, making this an app ideal not only for working within certain parameters, but a truly open-ended game as well.

Beware, however, that although some of these animals appreciate the added treats to their dessert, paying for their ice cream, others act angry or even disgusted, walking away without giving coins to the register.

My husband and I love the wittiness of these animals acting disgruntled when given ice cream not to their liking, reminding us of clients we have known who have been very hard to please at various other jobs we have held.

I would, however, love to be able to call the angry animal customers back, and try again to build new ice cream to see if I could make things right and get paid, allowing children to fully test their logic skills by giving the grumpy creatures only what they specifically ask for.

The details of this app are quite charming as well, with animals wearing fun, detailed outfits, also including a very nice selection of cones and cups to choose from as well as different types of ice creams, syrups and toppings.

I am impressed by how this app can be used as a memory and logic game by allowing the players to check back with the customer to see what they are asking for again if need be, making this a great choice for many age groups – from toddlers to grade school. Adults will love this game as well, as many nuances are included that make both my husband and me smile – something that I have noticed in all of the Wombi apps I have explored.

For these reasons and more, I can easily and wholeheartedly recommend Wombi Ice Cream as it is both creative and educational.

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