Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 – Fun Learning Puzzle Game For Kids is a new puzzle app from GiggleUp, a wonderful developer with a hearty library of apps including a very nice selection of puzzle applications.

Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is a delightful collection of seven scenes with themes such as Jungle Friends, Forest Critters, Desert Folks or Snow Buddies.

Scroll through each if these areas and choose a puzzle to explore with a tap. From here one will see the animals change to blank areas that need to be filled in, reminiscent of a chunky puzzle board without the pieces. Choose an area of this puzzle to work on, and players will be brought to a jigsaw puzzle of the animal in question to complete.

I really enjoy how this app allows children to choose the difficulty level of two to sixteen pieces, as well as including a subtle hint that can be turned on and off showing the background to fill in as a reference.

I have, however, noticed that when working on these puzzles using sixteen pieces, half the pieces are offered at once so as not to overwhelm that page. I wish however, that the corners and other side pieces were always the first puzzle parts included as these border pieces are the anchors of a puzzle, and the positioning of these pieces first is the way I have taught my son to complete jigsaw puzzles.

Even with this note, these puzzles contain a lot of polish. The different scenes are bright and colorful, containing cute animals for children to learn about, as narration labels each animal as their puzzle is completed.

Also nice is how pleasant music as well as a large number of languages are included, making this a nice app to learn animal names in many European as well as Asian languages.

Although I would never expect apps like this to take the place of children’s chunky and jigsaw puzzles, I know how hard it was for my son to keep all the puzzle pieces together without losing any parts – to the point that only now at five years old is my son able to keep puzzles together responsibly.

Because of this, I think that Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is a great app for children to work each of these puzzles – more than forty in total – as each will be complete and ready to explore – no pieces to lose in bed or sofa or while traveling.

As these puzzles contain a variety of difficulty, this app will be well-suited for many ages – from toddlers new to puzzles to Pre K, growing with children and great for re-play.

If interested, do check out the other apps developed by GiggleUp as well, both here as well as through iTunes. I have been uniformly impressed by these applications, and I can’t wait to see what new apps GiggleUp will develop in the future.

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