Wee You-Things Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on June 10th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Wee You-Things is a charming app that teaches about diversity in a way that is quirky and delightful.

In Wee You-Things, “You-things” is a term used to represent what makes everyone unique from others - differences that are celebrated within Wee You-Things as lovingly stylized and full of whimsy.

Many interesting characters are introduced in this interactive app with such characters as “Kai with an extra eye” or “Ruth has a purple tooth” that each includes hidden hotspots as creative as the characters themselves.

Although I am not always a fan of storybooks that rhyme, the lyrical nature of this app includes a level of sophistication that I appreciate, adding to the interest of whoever may be on the next page, following within these rhyming parameters.

I really enjoy all the bright colors and all the different characters included as well as the ability to create my own character - either with the use of one’s own photo or by creating a character from choosing face and body elements as well as one’s own “You-Thing” that will be added - both text as well as image at the end of this book.

I can see babies and toddlers simply being drawn into each colorful character as a chance to trigger fun, animated hotspots, while preschool-age children and older will more clearly understand the message of diversity and tolerance for others who are different from ourselves.

I always find apps with an indie, slightly edgy tone refreshing, which is the case for Wee You-Things. I have enjoyed all the wonderfully odd moments this app has to offer - an app worth checking out.

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