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[email protected]!: The Ultimate Password Generator

Our Review by Ryan Wood on March 15th, 2010
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This password generating and storing app packs a lot of punch. Make sure this is something you find use in before buying though.

Developer: Jean Francois Martin
Price: $1.99
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I’ve never been one to need a lot of complex passwords. If someone would like to read my various Viagra ads and the honey do list I got emailed from my wife, by all means hack my email account. There are, however certain websites where I need a more complex password. Being the super intelligent individual I am, I spend just as much time creating new passwords, after I forget my original one, that I do on the websites I need these websites for.

That’s why reviewing [email protected]!: The Ultimate Password Generator is something I am very interested in using on a continued basis. It offers me the chance to establish a password and have it stored right on my iPod for future recovery. Well, that is before I actually got my hands on it.

Now don’t take that the wrong way. [email protected]! is an extremely powerful and useful app. For those of you that need to generate individual passwords that are of varying complexity and able to be stored in one collective area, this is absolutely the app for you. If you’ve followed a few of my reviews however, you know I am much simpler in my approach to things. I experienced a steep learning curve and difficulty navigating the app at first, but it went smoothly once I got the hang of it.

[email protected]! uses varying degrees of complexity, using three different specific rule categories to create its passwords. Certain letters are replaced in words, certain words are adjusted, and the order switched, depending on how complex of a password needed. These password rules can be adjusted and made standard through saved profiles, so that it’s easier to keep a standard approach to all password generation. These passwords can then be saved into the app and retrieved for later use.

This app comes complete with a fairly comprehensive set of options to adjust, a nice tutorial that eases the learning curve, and a pin that locks the entire program up. This pin is especially important if you plan to store bank account and website passwords that are important to you on this app. There is also a copy and paste feature to ease the input process from app to website.

I find myself thinking on this app, the same way I do on others. It’s a lot of initial work to get the app up and running, and additional work for upkeep as passwords require updating, new passwords are needed, etc. I don’t have a lot of free time as it is, and the additional work involved in the complexity of the app just doesn’t really fit my needs. My simplistic approach to apps shouldn’t defer anyone from using this app that might need a powerful password generator though. As I review more and more apps, I find that the more time an app takes to set up, the less chance I will spend with it past the time I invest for the review.

Most likely, you’ll know if something like this will fit your needs. I can certainly vouch for its ability to generate passwords, but personally had difficulty making good use of it.

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