Tunnel Trouble Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on July 26th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Tunnel Trouble is a creative and fun universal educational app that to children preschool age and above will seem like a simple and interesting game application, with adults all the while appreciating how terrific this app is for teaching problem-solving in a way that is engaging and full of whimsy.

Tunnel Trouble allows players to help a chicken run through a series of maze-like tunnels of an underground passageway, in later levels avoiding a monster who needs to be trapped to let this chicken pass by unharmed.

Each of the 25 levels includes a cross-section of the tunnel this chicken is trying to run through. This tunnel is actually made up of a series of pieces that each need to connect to allow chicken free access.

In each level, certain areas of this tunnel are not lined up correctly to allow the chicken to pass. Tap on the out-of-place sections of this tunnel to rotate them until each section is connected.

One can play through from beginning to the end of this app or select a specific level at which one has left off, and it great how this application remembers what levels have been previously completed.

I appreciate how this app opens up slowly with only a single piece needing to be rotated to allow the chicken to pass through this tunnel, increasing the sections or complexity that need to be rotated with each level.

Irreverent sound effects found throughout as well as a cute moment at the end of each level as the chicken does a little celebratory dance. A beautiful palette of sunset colors is incorporated that can be seen within the ground surrounding the cross-section of the tunnels as well as the visible horizon, really nice elements I enjoy a great deal.

The difficulty levels do increase within these rounds, including complex levels one must concentrate on to succeed at, yet there is no timer or score used within this app, creating am environment where kids can work at these levels at their own pace.

I have really had fun with the added challenge of having to capture the chicken-eating monster as well, caging him before connecting the tunnel pieces for the chicken to walk through. The added challenge that this monster brings to this game can be found within the last six levels of this app and is an element that I have had a lot fun with.

Fun cut-scenes are also incorporated, adding a sense of whimsy as chicken may stop to eat a worm or be chased by the monster that chicken is trying to avoid, and this app also contains a witty conclusion that kids will enjoy as well as adults.

Tunnel Trouble is a wonderful application for children to practice their problem-solving skills on, especially once the monster is introduced - a character I would have loved to see more of. Even with this note, Tunnel Trouble is intuitive, creative and a lot of fun.

Do look into the other apps that Busythings has developed as well. Its library of educational apps is very impressive yet not well-known - a shame really as their applications are of top quality in terms of visual style and educational content.

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