Trains is an adaptation of the book of the same name, one in a series of books by Byron Barton now developed into applications by Oceanhouse Media.

My son has consistently enjoyed these apps which focus on vehicles and include very engaging narration which is highlighted when spoken, also allowing readers the ability to tap objects around the page to trigger the labeling of these items – both spoken as well with text.

Young children who love trains will especially enjoy this bright and colorful early non-fiction storybook that notes many aspects of trains in a way that is conversational yet educational as well – elements my son especially enjoys.

I also appreciate how one can drag the trains, cars and people around this app – details not possible in the original published book.

My son, almost five, found this app himself on my phone and took to it quickly.

Although this short, sweet book may be geared to a younger child, the ability to read along with highlighted narration as well as being able to read this book by himself while tapping words to hear them spoken will prove to be very helpful for my son and other early readers.

It is easy for me to recommend Trains as well as the other apps by Byron Barton and Oceanhouse Media in this series of apps. I hope to see other Byron Barton books developed into applications as well.

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