The Very Itchy Bear is a cute, universal interactive storybook about an unlikely friendship between a bear and a flea. This book, part of a series of Bear storybooks written by Nick Bland and now adapted for iPad, includes very nice narration and fun sound effects.

This is the story of Bear, at first tormented by a biting flea, but later saving this flea’s life when almost eaten by a bird, and concludes with these creatures becoming friends.

I really enjoy the look of this book. The bear and flea are charming, as is the ability to tap to see the bear move about, sometimes scratching his flea bites. Although not a perfect scale in comparison to a full-size bear, I enjoy how the flea appears to be a speck next to the bear. Do tap to see a more close-up view of this insect.

A great use of a musical score really brings life to this cute rhyming story as does the excellent narration by Australian actor, Angus Sampson, bringing great enthusiasm that works wonderfully well alongside this easily excited bear’s facial expressions. Reading this book to oneself is also an option.

I equally enjoy the scenes when, after some silly slapstick humor, Bear and flea float out to sea, with the delightful blue rolling waves and sounds of the sea adding to the overall richness of this story.

I also like the simple message of helping one in need, as Bear saves the flea who had been biting so badly – a nice moment and message about helping others which children will enjoy.

A seek-and-find activity is also included, as five flowers have been hidden among these pages. Do look for them to unlock a chance to build and sail one’s own sail boat.

All in all, this is a delightful adaptation of a previously published title. Do check out in iTunes for the other Bear storybook apps from this series if interested.

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