The Night Before Christmas presented by One Hundred Robots is a personal favorite retelling of the classic holiday story of the same name.

If one were to check iTunes, one could find multiple apps adapting this traditional Christmas story, and this app is a top choice of mine for a few reasons.

Although I am not always a fan of computer generated animation, especially when it boasts a 3D effect.

I do, however, love the bright, colorful and wonderfully stylized look of this computer-generated app, with interesting photographic elements and textures along with a 3D look for a very interesting visual experience. There is a wonderful use of perspective, and the placement of that would be the camera if one were shooting live action as well, as quick camera movements highlights the benefits of working with computer graphics.

The narration is clear and well-spoken, making it easy to appreciate the decision not to include any interactions, even sounds or music that could distract from the reading of the original story. Because of this, the characters seem to pantomime the actions one hears about during this story for a magical effect.

This is definitely an adaptation worth looking at. The animations are top-notch in every way with details I really enjoy for a truly rich experience. It is also refreshing to see The Night Before Christmas in app form that allows children to simply sit back and enjoy this story, making it the perfect bedtime read.

It would be hard to go wrong with this title. I recommend families looking for a version of this beloved story to check out this one by One Hundred Robots as well as also to take a look at their other apps as well. Always high in quality, but with a nice variety in terms of style, these apps are worth getting to know, to be sure.

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