Developer: Edovia Inc.
Price: $1.99
Version Reviewed: 1.1

Note 8/14: Note that there is a new version of this software out that reports that it has increased reliability. We’ll try to get access to that and revise this review if we can.

Steps says it’s a personal pedometer. But it’s really not worth a download.

Boy, I’m glad I didn’t by this app. I saw it on a friend’s iPhone and convinced them to let me give it a try. What I found out was that Steps is really not good for anything.

There are many things wrong with this application.

First — it can’t count steps. Something you think a pedometer would need to do, right? I tried using the app while the phone was on in every possible direction to try to get it to pick up the steps properly via the accelerometer. Top pointing down, on each side. In my front pocket, on my belt. I took 20 steps in each configuration. It just didn’t work right.

Steps would generally read 50-100% extra steps over what I actually took. Though sometimes it would only read 2 or three steps, well under the 20 I actually took.

So, does it work as a pedometer? No, strike one!

Second — it reports average speed and distance. Let’s assume for a second that the step counting worked, which I think we covered that it doesn’t, but if it did, then reporting distance/speed is just a guess. Without the app either using the GPS or knowing the length of your step, it’s just a guess. It just won’t add up right unless you have the perfect stride length. Strike two!

Third — it doesn’t work when the device is sleeping. So, you must keep your device on to use it. Handy! Good thing the iPhone has stellar battery life. Sorry, extra sarcastic today.

So there you go, three strikes. Steps is out.

The one good thing to say is that this app looks very nice. Meh.

So, don’t waste $2 on this or any iPhone OS pedometer — just go buy a real one for $2 at any sports store. It will actually work.

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