The Sixties Review
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The Sixties Review

Our Review by Chris Nitz on January 19th, 2011
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Research just got a bit more entertaining.

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Ah the sixties! A time of evolving music, big news stories, changing political reforms, and a shifting in hairstyles. Don’t believe this is true? Just head to Wikipedia and look at all the happenings during this dramatic decade, or you could do your research right on your iPad. That’s right, the iPad can be used for education and not just another spin on flinging animals in physics games.

The Sixties is an interactive look at the years 1960 – 1969. Political cartoons, music, movies, and news all find their way into this wonderful app. The app starts out broken down by each year. Tapping on a year will take you into an opening section with a brief summary about the year and its significance. Political cartoons line the bottom to give you a brief glimpse at what the politics were like during your selected time frame.

Once you have a year selected, you have a few options available to you. You can browse the many political cartoons and read the storied behind them. You may also dive into the music, movies, and news of that year as well. Let’s say you jump into music. Album covers are displayed showing you every album released for that year. Tapping an album brings up an original release date, sample to play, Wikipedia link, videos, and even a share button. Movies and news share the same type of features as well, with news containing a bit more info about the major event you selected.

Do not get overly excited about the videos, as they are all ripped from YouTube. They are formatted nicely for the screen, and any related video are also pulled up. The last touch is the ability to buy movies and albums right from the app. If you happen to be missing that one last Doors album that you cannot seem to find, you can at least find a link for downloading here.

This is a fun and great way to browse through history. The hitch is that this is only for the 1960 era. Hopefully we will see other eras released so people can carry around their favorite timeframes with them. This is much more fun than scouring Wikipedia, and the effort put forth is worth the $1.99 entry fee.


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