Developer: Codality, Inc.
Price: FREE
Version: 2.62

Design Rating: ★★★★☆
Features Rating: ★★★☆☆
Integration Rating: ★★★½☆

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆

SimpleNote is a minimalist, straightforward and synchronized notes application that simplifies the note making process. This is, in fact, a euphemism. The note making process is as simple as Apple’s Notes application, but offers the feature of online syncing. For free. It is ad-supported with the ability to buy a premium twelve month subscription.

On the home screen there is little to distract you from content. There are only two buttons – options and add a new note, along with a search bar. The options list contains a plethora of minor features, including: the ability to change the sort order of notes (modified, created or alphabetical); preview lines (anywhere from zero to five) and orientation lock. The latter function is a welcome addition to iPhone 3G users who do not have the ability to use iOS4’s orientation lock feature.

The major advantage of SimpleNote is its ability to sync online. Syncing works both ways – meaning you can create a note online and it’ll update on your iDevice, as well as vice versa. Creating an account is free and simple – like the application itself.

Within the application, you can buy twelve months premium access for $8.99. This offers a number of additional features, including: the ability to disable ads; automatic backups rather than manual syncing; and the ability to create personal RSS feed for your notes. For a full list of features, see the screenshots attached below.

Is SimpleNote too simple? You can’t format text, create lists or do just about anything else that other clients offer. Its greatest short-term advantage is, perhaps, its greatest long-term flaw if you need even just a little bit of customization. On the other hand, if text is the focal point of your notes, you can’t get much simpler than SimpleNote.

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