Shape Skills Level 1 Review

Posted by Nina Ignaczak on October 20th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

This is a very nice skills app that develops a child's ability not only to to identify shapes but to discern similarities and differences among shapes and similar objects. Six options are available: Tracing, What's That, The Right One, Odd One Out, The Same, and Free Draw.

The first three work on basic shape familiarization and identification skills. In Tracing, the child traces over outlines of shapes with his finger. In The Right One?, the child is asked to identify a shape from a set when given its name. In What's That? the child is shown a shape and asked to select the correct name. If the wrong answer is selected, another chance is given until the correct answer is selected.

Odd One Out and the The Same build complexity to basic skills. In Odd One Out, the child is shown a set of objects and asked to identify which does not belong. In The Same, the child is shown an object and asked to identity which among a set of objects is the same; although the correct answer is not identical to the original item and requires some discernment to recognize similarity in shape or form. Free Draw is pretty self-explanatory; merely a blank canvas onto which the child can draw.

This is a great app, but I have one simple upgrade request for the developers: add narration! My four-year old could easily play this independently if the instructions and questions were read aloud.

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