I grew up playing board games and one of my top picks has always been the crossword game of “Scrabble”. For months now, my husband has been raving about this app and challenging me to try it. He’s invited me to play using the “Facebook connect” feature and by Wifi, but I’ve had other apps at hand, so he usually ends up playing against himself. Well, finally, we gave it a go and I now see why he’s so enamored. Compared to most applications I’ve experienced, “Scrabble” is highly-polished, flashy, glitzy, and glamorous, with a sophisticated and involved interface, and an upbeat electronic soundtrack. My favorite features include the statistics tab (that allows you to track your best word, best turn, wins and losses) and the “teacher feature” that shows you the best words you could have chosen. The later option injects the game with an opportunity to grow and learn… I’m always striving to expand my mind. I haven’t had much experience with “Scrabble” for the iPhone, but so far it’s been positive. I noticed that many reviewers on iTunes thought the game was fraught with bugs that interfered with game play, but that hasn’t been my experience so far. Admittedly, I was taken back by the price (currently listed at $4.99) but – considering the entertainment value my husband and I can enjoy together – it’s a palatable investment.

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