Sago Mini Bug Builder Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on July 12th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

As the name may describe, Sago Mini Bug Builder is a new Sago Sago app based on the Tickle Tap app of the same name.

My son loved Bug Builder when it was first released. It was the earliest art app he really enjoyed as he could color bug bodies for them to then be transformed into animated insect creatures.

This was an app I was looking forward to in terms of how Sago Sago would update, as this new developer is a dream team from the creative minds of both Toca Boca and zinc Roe, who released the original Tickle Tap series.

The main difference between the first Bug Maker and Sago Mini Bug Maker is that instead of choosing from four basic bug shapes, eight shapes are offered to children randomly throughout game play.

Here, children tap what I presume to be eggs or insect pods to be cracked open to find bug bodies to color with the drag of a finger. When decorating is complete, a second series of taps will bring this bug to life, now allowing children a little more in the way of interacting with their insect, namely choosing from two hats to wear and then feeding the bug some geometrically shaped snacks, as well as cleaning up their bug with some soap and water. Players can take a snapshot of their new friend, who then lays a new egg that in turn will crack open to reveal a new bug to color and bring to life.

I can’t imagine a toddler who would not be engaged by this bright, colorful and upbeat application. The ability to tap on these eggs and bug bodies to transform them is utterly satisfying as is the moment one sees the additional details added to their bugs such as the multiple eyes and eight legs of a spider or the wings or antenna of other insects in this collection that also includes a beautiful butterfly - a personal favorite character in this application.

Another nice feature is the gallery of bug images saved within this app, including the choice to limit photos added to sixty - an option found in the settings section of one’s device as well as an ability to edit images which are locked to keep children from accidentally erasing their work - a nice touch.

Sago Mini Bug Builder is a delightfully simple app that toddlers will find quite intuitive, now a lovely language-neutral app that although devoid of words, is rich with sound effects and animation that although mild, are very effective, charming and delightful.

Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 1 Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 2 Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 3 Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 4 Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 5 Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 6 Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 7 Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 8 Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 9 Sago Mini Bug Builder screenshot 10
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